Board & Directors

The Board

Ingrid Van Biesen


« My name is Ingrid Van Biesen, I’m 20 years old, and I am a third year law student. Ever since I encountered ELSA, I was inspired by the opportunities it provided and I knew how great it would be to be part of this association.
This year, my main goal is to support my team and help them with their different projects, as I know we can achieve great things together. I hope that with my ideas and motivation as well as a lot of hard work, I will contribute to providing amazing opportunities for the students at ELSA Saint-Louis. »

Harold Englebert

Secretary General

« Dear Network, I am glad to present myself as the Secretary General of ELSA Saint-Louis for the upcoming academic year. For this year, I will dedicate myself to develop the best “ELSA spirit” possible for our local group. My main goal will be to help our active members to find their drive within ELSA so they can give their best to the association without even feeling that they have worked. No matter the circumstances, I will be someone who the members can rely on. My best wish would be that ELSA members and Saint-Louis students can develop their skills and find great opportunities thanks to our work! »

Nermin Abu Soof


« My name is Nermin and I am honored to be the new treasurer of ELSA Saint-Louis. Having enjoyed my first year with the association very much, I decided to continue the adventure. My main goal for this academic year is to do my best to provide the necessary financial resources to the board so that they are not restricted in their efforts and that they can offer you quality events regardless of the circumstances. So stay tuned to not miss our future events! »

Chiara Keys

Vice President for

« Hello to all, since my arrival in Saint-Louis, I have always had a great interest in ELSA and especially in the seminars and conferences they have set up. I love this department not only because I’m a big fan of organizing events but also because I feel like we can transmit a lot to students through debate and meeting professionals. My goal this year will be to seduce you in coming to see my events and hopefully succeed in meeting your expectations. »

Catherine Hagelstein

Vice President for

« Hello! I’m Catherine, I am 20 and I am honored to be the VP AA for this year. After 2 years as active member I decided to invest myself more in the association.
I will do my best to organise useful and interesting events for the students. I look forward to work with the board and my future team! »

Alice Collinge

Vice President for

« Hello everyone ! I am Alice and I am glad to introduce myself as your new VP MCC.
Ever since I arrived at Elsa Saint Louis, my interest in this department and what can be done within it has only increased. It matters a lot to me, since it joins together two areas for which I have a special fondness : the art of rhetoric and the law. My key goals this year will be to build a unified team and to work altogether, in order to present you interesting and exciting events, which you will hopefully enjoy. »

Mathylda Lion

Vice President for

«Hello everyone! Since my arrival at the university I was interested by ELSA and its amazing opportunities of learning and meeting people from far away. For me being the VP of the STEP department in Saint-Louis is more than just organising events and helping students with the internships. It is creating connexions and a supportive network for every member of ELSA. I sincerely hope that this year will be full of opportunities to learn and work together, stay tuned»

Elodie Franckx

Vice President for

« Hello everyone, Elodie 21 years old, I am entering my second year of being part of the ELSA Saint Louis association, first by being an active member of the marketing department and then by becoming vice president of this department. I have a good knowledge of social networks in my personal and professional life, so it’s logical that I wanted to join the marketing team. Stay tuned online and at the university to find out about the different events through my posts and posters!! »

The Directors

Wassim Seghaier

Director for External Relations

With unmatched social skills, it is up to Wassim to assist our president in the search for partners and sponsors.

Nicolas Martins

Director for Alumni

Knowing that the post-ELSA-Nostalgia could be a bit rough, Nicolas decided to help our departed members by making sure they will always stay in our family. 

Charlotte Berthe

Director for Data Protection

Charlotte is an independent member of our association. She makes sure that the data we collect stays safe. She is key to maintaining a trustful environment.