Board & Directors

The Board

Alaa Touil


Alaa has been in ELSA Saint-Louis for three years and previously held the position of Treasurer. He now occupies a decisive role in the quest to build partnerships.

Thibault Aktay

Secretary General

When arriving in ELSA, Thibault was impressed by the cohesion of the association. Now, his prime mission is to maintain unity,  solidarity and create friendships within the group.

Tatiana Dragojevic


Tatiana is the independent eye of our association. She regulates ELSA Saint-Louis’ finances and allocates budget while maintaining a balance between cost and benefits.

Marion Van Esch

Vice President for

Marion is a curious student willing to learn more on a daily basis. She was inclined on spreading awareness on sensitive topics—which is why she took on the role of VP S&C.

Charlotte Joppart

Vice President for

Charlotte believes that studying law cannot be limited to the classroom. By organizing workshops, she enables students to propel their theoretical learnings onto the field.

Dorian Grégoire

Vice President for

A lawyer at heart, Dorian decided to lead MCC in order to share his passion for the art of public speaking and writing.

Deborah Lazowska

Vice President for

Deborah is keen to promote the development of the international aspect of ELSA. She does so by enabling students to partake in foreign legal internships.

Mehdi Amine

Vice President for

Mehdi has joined ELSA filled with the motivation to promote and popularize our association. With a keen interest in fashion law, his interests collide perfectly. 

The Directors

Wassim Seghaier

Director for External Relations

With unmatched social skills, it is up to Wassim to assist our president in the search for partners and sponsors.

Nicolas Martins

Director for Alumni

Knowing that the post-ELSA-Nostalgia could be a bit rough, Nicolas decided to help our departed members by making sure they will always stay in our family. 

Charlotte Berthe

Director for Data Protection

Charlotte is an independent member of our association. She makes sure that the data we collect stays safe. She is key to maintaining a trustful environment.