Board & Directors

The Board

Arthur Tondeur


“Hello everyone, I am Arthur Tondeur and I am proud to introduce myself as the new president of ELSA Saint-Louis for the academic year 2022-2023.
Last year I was an active member of the MCC department. I am in my second year as a bachelor. I’ll be in Barcelona during the second semester for an erasmus, from where I’ll carry out my function as president.
My goals for this year are the following : making my board proud of their work and their achievements, expand ELSA Saint-Louis within the University of Saint-Louis, and live the ELSA Spirit.”

Catherine Hagelstein

Secretary General

“Hello, my name is Catherine Hagelstein and I am the new Secretary General of ELSA Saint-Louis this year. Since I started the university, I invested myself in the association, and had the chance to see different aspects : first as a member and then as a VP. This year I’m willing to discover new things so here I am :))
My biggest wish for this year will be that every member will find their place in the association, enjoy themselves, and that the students will find our events interesting.”

Liridon Demiri


👋🏼 Hi guys, I’m Liridon and I’m honoured to be able to introduce myself as the ELSA Saint-Louis treasurer for the 2022-2023 academic year.
⚖️ Last year I was an active member in the Moot Court Competition department. I am a second year bachelor student in law, in the trilingual program.
❤️‍🩹 ELSA is a safe place for me and where everyone can grow, meet new people and party.
🔥 My goals for this year are, on one hand, to manage the accounts and the budget, so that each department can have the opportunity to show its potential. On the other hand, I will seek to be a driving force for ELSA Saint-Louis and I will do my utmost to ensure that everyone can find their place.
💙 May the ELSA Spirit transcend you. “

Laura Khettab

Vice President for

“Hello everyone, my name is Laura and I’m so glad to present myself as the new deputy – vice president in charge of the so loved department of Seminars&Conferences for this academic year. 😌
What about me ? I’m a law student in second year in the bilingual program. I’m 19 years old and I’m an art lover : music, theater and dance are some of my passions.
Concerning ELSA, I was a member last year in the same department and I couldn’t continue my law studies without ELSA , without involving myself with a team to achieve together projects that really speaks to me. Indeed, I find that so rewarding to organise conferences because I have to challenge myself to find pertinent subject and speakers in the way to arouse the curiosity of the student.
My main goal for this year is to create a cohesive S&C team with whom we will highlight captivating subjects through conference/debat that will interest and instruct the most students as possible ! 🙌
In another way, I’m always happy to meet new people and to share good moments together ; I’m sure this year in ELSA will be amazing and couldn’t wait for it !💫
See you soon 🤍

Philippine Collet

Vice President for

“Hello everyone, my name is Philippine, I am 19 and I am pleased to introduce myself as the next Vice President of the AA department for the upcoming academic year!
I am currently beginning my 3rd year of law in Saint Louis, and can’t wait to put into practice with my team all the ideas we have for this year’s events. I already have been in ELSA for a year as an active member, and I believe there is no better experience in terms of personal / professional development, social bonding and commitment to law studies.
My goal this year will be to try and develop new events, that will hopefully fulfil the student’s expectations, and bring a new interactive approach on law studies in general.”

Agata Zagubien

Vice President for

“Hello!! I’m Agata, the VP in charge of the MCC department for the upcoming academic year.
A few words about me, I’m 20 years old and I start my third year as law student. I love the MCC department because it gives the opportunity to organize creative events that combine law and oratory. It’s the best way to get to know more about the professional life.
My main goal this year will be to work with my team in order to present exciting events and hopefully succeed in meeting your expectations !!”

Mariam Bakali

Vice President for

“Hi everyone ! 🙋🏻‍♀️
I’m Mariam and I am the Vice-President of the Professional Development department in ELSA Saint-Louis for this year.
I am a Law student in the bilingual program and last year I was an active member in the PD department.
I am looking forward to put into practice everything I learned last year as an active member and organize interesting events for all of you ! 😄
My goal for this year is to organize events that will boost the student’s carreer and to bring a better approach of the professional world 🙌🏼

Alexandra Spanu

Vice President for

“Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra Spanu, I’m 19 years old and I’m a second year law student. I’m glad to introduce myself as the new Vice-President in charge of Marketing.
Last year I was an active member in this department and I made the choice to become more involved because I am passionate about it. Indeed, I really enjoy creating posters and content for social media. ✨
My goal for this year is to improve the visualization of our network in order to have more and more participants in our events.”

The Directors